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Panthers will face Villanova in Buffalo

It has been eight years since the Milwaukee Panthers were last dancing, and today they found out whom they will face in the NCAA Tournament. A packed Panther crowd gathered with the team in the Gasthaus, as Milwaukee saw their name called on Selection Sunday. The Panthers were given a 15-seed as they are headed to Buffalo to take on #2 Villanova in the East Regional.

Matt Tiby excited for their game on Thursday

Matt Tiby excited for their game on Thursday

There was cheers and gasps the entire time, as fans paid attention to the television screens, but the biggest cheers came when the Panthers where finally announced. The coaches and players where happy with their opponent, and they feel confident that they can go to Buffalo and play at the same level as Villanova.


A fan enjoying the afternoon

You could feel the excitement in the air the entire afternoon as fans where acshious to see where the Panthers were headed. Many thought St. Louis was a likely option with Milwaukee going up against Kansas, but it turned out the Panthers had to wait until the end to see their name unveiled.


Fans wait to see who Milwaukee will play in Tournament

The athletic department put on a great event providing fans with snacks and lemonade, while giving away free Panther items. This just added to the great experience of being with the team to celebrate their outstanding season so far.

It is not going to be an easy test for the Panthers, but right now Milwaukee is one of the hottest teams entering the tournament. If the Panthers can continue to play like they did in the Horizon League Tournament, there is a chance Milwaukee could be busting some brackets.

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