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Ricky DeVito develops into MLB draft prospect

Ricky DeVito

Ricky DeVito hoped to continue his baseball career at a Power Five school after he completed his four-year high school career in Staten Island, New York. He had confidence in his pitching abilities but received little exposure playing in the Northeast.

Seton Hall offered DeVito a scholarship before he even delivered a pitch at the varsity level. He was unsure about Seton Hall at first, thinking he could play at a major baseball school. But after examining the opportunity closer, he realized it was the right fit for him.

He verbally committed to Seton Hall as a high school junior in Jan. 2015. He hadn’t played varsity baseball until a couple of months after accepting Seton Hall’s offer.

“I committed and never looked back,” he said. “I’ve never regretted it. I love being here.”

DeVito isn’t an unknown prospect anymore. The right-handed pitcher won Big East Pitcher of the Year honors last year and is one of the top arms in college baseball this season.

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