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New Baseball Stadium is a Must

The Panthers are moving back to the Cell! While I understand that the men’s and women’s basketball team need a new practice facility to free up space at the Klotsche Center for the other sports and students, a new baseball stadium should be a priority.

The Milwaukee Panthers are the only Division 1 baseball program in Wisconsin, and they deserve to have a facility that represents that. As a player for Slinger High School varsity baseball team I have seen many high school ballparks that are quality baseball facilities. These consist of a well-groomed field, exceptional dugouts, a functional scoreboard, a concession stand, permanent restrooms, a press box, and plenty of room for fans. While Milwaukee has a functional scoreboard, that’s it.
I was not overly impressed with the playing field, and my teammates and I were a little surprised to find out that we were sharing the dugout with an individual who was down on their luck. His belongings were in the dugout when we arrived, looking back we should have passed the hat and left him a few bucks. The Milwaukee baseball team deserves better.
Kapco Park is a beautiful facility and the Panthers are worthy of a baseball park that is suitable for a D1 program. Even though the basketball programs are in need of a practice facility, a new baseball stadium needs to be a priority.

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