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A New Field is a Must for Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Panthers have won the Horizon League regular season title, their first since 2001. Even though their baseball team is on top, their baseball field is the complete opposite. Henry Aaron Field was opened in 1957 and it only seats 500 fans. There is no excuse for why the Panthers play in a glorified high school field and it is time for them to improve their facilities.

Although playing their entire home schedule at Miller Park would be the first and best option, it is unrealistic to think the Milwaukee Brewers would change their mind on allowing the Panthers to call Miller Park home. Instead the Panthers need to build a state-of-the-art baseball facility similar to Kapco Park, which is home to Concordia University. It should be built near campus and have a capacity of 1,500-2,000 people to allow students and local fans the opportunity to come and support the Black and Gold. It would also be smart for the Panthers to have a synthetic turf field to allow for consistent play all season with less rainouts.

The Panthers are the only Division I baseball program in the state of Wisconsin and it is time for them to have facilities to show it. Building a new baseball field is a must and it will improve recruiting and the overall look of Panther baseball.

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