The 3rd Man In

Gordon needs to be on the field at all times

With all the chatter surrounding the Wisconsin Badgers and Heisman Trophy candidate Melvin Gordon, it has caused me to think more in-depth about the Badgers football program.

The Badgers have been lucky to have numerous talented running backs in the backfield over the years, with some of the best playing in recent years.

Montee Ball and James White were excellent tailbacks for Wisconsin the previous two years. They were able to run the ball down opposing defenses throats, while possessing the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.

In Ball’s second NFL season he is expected to have a breakout year, while White has broken onto the scene with the New England Patriots after being selected in the fourth round in this past NFL Draft.

While both of these players had excellent collegiate careers, and are expected to make some noise in the NFL, neither of them compare to the ability level of Gordon.

Gordon is an explosive player who is a serious contender for the Heisman Trophy this season, and should be a first round pick in next year’s NFL Draft. He is capable of doing anything offensively, no matter what it is. And when he does, it is always at an extremely high level.

Gordon is a special player, and the Badgers rarely have a player of his caliber in their program. He is a player that only comes around once every 10-15 years, and no matter what, he should be getting the ball to make big time plays.

So why does head coach Gary Anderson not feel the need to get his best player in the game, against one of their biggest opponents in recent memory?

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