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Who Will the Brewers Deal at the Deadline?

With the MLB Non-waiver Trade Deadline less than a month away, the Milwaukee Brewers expect to be one of the most active teams, trading away multiple veteran players in order to rebuild their weak farm system. While everyone, with the exception of Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez, will be available, it is unrealistic to expect the Brewers to be able to completely clean house. Here is who the Brewers will deal by July 31st:

Yovani Gallardo, RHP

Even though Yovani Gallardo is having the worst season of his big league career, he is young, experienced, and has two-years remaining at an affordable total of $24.5 million on his deal. Not only are all three of things a plus, but Gallardo has playoff experience and success throughout his career making him even more of an attractive option for teams looking to add a frontline starter at the deadline. It is not a question if Yovani Gallardo will be traded, but when will he be traded. The Diamondbacks appear to be the favorite to land the righty, but do not be surprised if the Dodgers and Rangers make a strong push for him as well.

Francisco Rodriguez, RHP

Francisco Rodriguez has had an excellent season so far for the Brewers as their closer and set-up man, making him a likely trade piece. Many teams are looking for bullpen help, and K-Rod would be a great option for any team in contention, due to the fact that he has experience and success pitching late in ball games. While many teams will be vying for his services, the Brewers should not expect to receive an overwhelming offer for him because he will only be a two-month rental. The Brewers will trade K-Rod by the deadline, and the Diamondbacks, Tigers, and Red Sox are the three favorites to acquire the experienced veteran.

Kyle Lohse, RHP

Although Kyle Lohse only has a record of 4-6, his ERA (3.46) and WHIP (1.16) still suggests that he could be a solid pitcher on a team looking to make a late season playoff run. The Brewers signed Kyle Lohse days before Opening Day, surrendering a first-round pick, in hopes of making another playoff appearance, but the Brewers have struggled as a whole, making it time to recoup their losses. It will not be easy to trade the 34-year old pitcher with two-years and $22 million remaining on his contract, but multiple teams (Dodgers, Giants, Rangers) are in search of a quality pitcher, who has playoff experience, making Lohse a player who will be dealt by the Brewers before the deadline.

The Brewers will be one of the most active teams around the deadline, with numerous teams interested in their players, but only three of them will be traded – Gallardo, Rodriguez, and Lohse.

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