The 3rd Man In

The Pittsburgh Pirates are Here to Stay

Do you believe in miracles? For the first time in 20 seasons, it appears the Pittsburgh Pirates will finally have a winning season, while securing a playoff berth. While luck has been on the Pirates side, their excellent play has to be largely credited to their outstanding pitching staff.

The Buccos’ pitching staff does not feature any big name hurlers, but it is filled with veterans and youngsters who have done their job well and up to expectations, giving them the number one ranked pitching staff in all of baseball. The Pirates’ pitching staff ranks third in WHIP (1.19), and first in ERA (3.11), batting average allowed (.225), and saves (32).

While pitching has been a key to the Pirates’ success, the offense has only done enough to get by. Even though the Pirates have had a below average offense so far, it is nothing to panic about since Andrew McCutchen has yet to get on a hot streak, and the Pirates will most likely acquire another bat at the deadline, like they have in recent years.

Pitching wins championships, and the Buccos have the pitching to remain atop the National League Central for the remainder of the season. The Pittsburgh Pirates are no fluke, and they will finally finish with a record above .500, while making the playoffs.

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