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Tigers give Cabrera an insane contract extension

Reigning two-time American League MVP Miguel Cabrera has cashed in on a new deal. The Motown slugger has agreed to terms with the Detroit Tigers on a new 10-year contract that will pay him $292 million,’s Jon Morosi reports.

This mega deal will cover the two remaining years on his current deal, and then an additional eight seasons.

Cabrera, who turns 31 on April 18th, is the best hitter on the planet as he has accumulated 365 homeruns with a .321 batting average in his 11-year career.

Over that time he has filled multiple trophy cases, while even winning the Triple Crown in 2012.

As of now this extension does not look terrible as he has combined to hit 88 long balls and 276 RBIs with an exceptional .338 batting average over the past two seasons, but by the time this deal expiries, the Tigers will be regretting it.

Remember when the Los Angeles Angels gave Albert Pujols a 10-year, $254 million contract at age 32? Everyone thought he would be able to continue his eye-popping numbers in LA, but father time caught up to him as he now struggles to play an entire 162-game schedule and produce up to expectations.

It would surprise many people if Cabrera’s numbers dropped off significantly over the next three to four season, but it could happen. That is the risk the Tigers are taking, and honestly it is a mistake.

Sure Cabrera will produce now, but when he becomes 35 or 36 years old his numbers will drop. It does for any hitter no matter if you are a future Hall of Famer or just an average player – the older you get, the more you struggle to produce.

No one doubts what Cabrera has done in the past, but you have to wonder what he will do in the future. While he has arguably been the best player in the game over the last five seasons, he is not getting any younger, and for the Tigers to give him the richest contract in baseball history is a mistake. Cabrera should continue to produce near the same level he has for the next four seasons, but after that, Tigers’ management will be counting down the days until he finally come off the payroll.

What are your thoughts of this contract extension? Did the Tigers make a mistake? Leave your thoughts below.

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