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Rookies Key to Success

You always expected a high draft pick to become a star in the NFL, but there is always a chance they do not pan out. The Green Bay Packers will need two of their rookies, who have an enormous amount of potential, to be key contributors this season if they want to win another Super Bowl. Eddie Lacy and Datone Jones may not develop into stars this season, but they need to be solid contributors in order for the Packers to be successful.

Eddie Lacy was drafted this offseason to help improve the running game, and so far in camp he looks like the real deal. Many people have already been extremely impressed with his ability and size causing him to receive comparisons to a young Steven Jackson. As long as he is able to remain on the field, he will be a difference maker in the Packers offense. They have been looking for a guy to become their every down back and Eddie Lacy is that guy. With an improved running attack, lead by Lacy, the Packers offense and team will be even tougher to beat. While their offense will continue to be one of the best in the NFL, their defense needs to improve from last year.
The Packers have had trouble finding another pass rusher in recent years to complement Clay Matthews, but this offseason they might have found the right guy in Datone Jones. While an ankle injury has caused him to miss practice time this Preseason, he will be a key to the Packers success this season. He was drafted in the first round by the Pack in this past NFL Draft, and he has huge expectations to be a difference maker at defensive end. If Jones and former first round pick Nick Perry can remain healthy, they should both instantly improve the Packers pass rush and defense.
Eddie Lacy and Datone Jones were both high draft picks for the Green Bay Packers for a reason, and this season they need to be key contributors to the team in order for the Packers to have any chance of winning another Super Bowl. While it will not be easy for these two rookies, they need to play to their strengths and be healthy in order to help the Packers win.

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