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Packers are in Trouble if Rodgers Goes Down

Finding the right backup quarterback problem has been a problem for the Packers ever since they let Matt Flynn sign with another team during the 2012 offseason. Entering last season Graham Harrell was the number two quarterback, but everyone knew the Packers would be in trouble if Aaron Rodgers got hurt. This offseason the Packers made it know that the backup quarterback spot would be up for grabs with Harrell and B.J. Coleman vying for the spot, until August 5th when the Packers surprisingly signed Vince Young.

With the signing, and the struggles of the other two QB’s, Young was looked at as the favorite to win the job, even with his lack of experience in the Packers offense. The Packers would then go on to cut Harrell after the third preseason game, almost guarantying Young the job, until this morning when the Packers shocked the world by cutting him.

B.J. Coleman is now the only quarterback listed on the depth chart behind Rodgers, and the Packers are in trouble. While Young struggled at times throughout the preseason, he looked better than Coleman. Coleman had a miserable 49.6 quarterback rating with a 41.2 percent completion percentage in 34 attempts. While Coleman does have some potential, he has not been impressive this preseason to make anyone believe that he is capable of making a spot start in the NFL.

Vince Young was the best option for the Packers, even with his lack of knowledge in the Packers offense. While B.J. Coleman appears to be the Packers guy, do not be surprised if a quality backup quarterback comes available that they pick him up. Coleman possess some potential but he is not capable of being a backup quarterback in the NFL this season. The Packers still have not found a solid backup quarterback and if Rodgers is injured this season, they are in big trouble.

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