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No Sitton, no problem for Packers

Everyone knows the Green Bay Packers chose to release guard Josh Sitton last Saturday to whittle their active roster to 53 players. But perhaps the most shocking part about the entire episode is the relentless pounding Ted Thompson and Co. suffered due to the move.

A three-time Pro Bowl selection, Sitton was a valuable member of the Packers offensive line for many years. But he also had numerous factors playing against him. At 30 years old, Sitton has battled back issues for years and, at times, is bad-tempered, including last season when he publically criticized the offensive game-plan

His abrasive attitude and potentially being a cancer in the locker room likely put the Packers over the edge and caused them to cut the aging veteran, saving roughly $6.55 million against the salary cap.

While Sitton was a productive and reliable player in his eight-year career with the Packers, there is no need to climb out on a window ledge. He’s a guard who is on the wrong side of his career.

Sure, the Packers now have to turn to an inexperienced player, but there was no guarantee Sitton was going to produce at a high level or stay healthy all season long this year.

The Packers did what was best for the franchise and have demonstrated in the past to move on from former Pro Bowl players. They did it with Greg Jennings, Charles Woodsen and Brett Favre. Those moves didn’t cripple the team or destroy the success of the franchise and don’t expect this move to either. The Packers will contend for the Lombardi trophy once again this season.

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