The 3rd Man In

Milwaukee Bucks Moving Up

The Milwaukee Bucks currently hold the 15th overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft, but would they be better off moving up? A few weeks ago there was a rumor that the Bucks and Washington Wizards were discussing a deal the was centered around the third overall pick and Ersan Ilyasova.

It is unlikely that the Wizards would agree to a direct swap of the third overall pick for Ilyasova. If the Bucks are willing to send their 15th overall pick to the Wizards and take on Trevor Ariza or Nene’s contract, then there is a real possibility this deal could get done.

For the Bucks, if this deal is able to get done, it would be a great trade for them now and in the future, but only if they acquire Trevor Ariza, who only has a year remaining on his contract. The Bucks would be able to unload the underperforming, overpaid Ersan Ilyasova, while acquiring a veteran scorer on a one year deal, and most importantly, move up in the draft.

With the third overall pick the Bucks would have many options, but their best option would be drafting point guard Trey Burke. Trey Burke is a strong, physical guard who is an above average shooter that possesses decent range, and is an exceptional passer. He does need to improve slightly defensively, but he is a true point guard, who would fit nicely in the Bucks starting lineup along Larry Sanders and John Henson.

The Milwaukee Bucks need to make a splash in this year’s NBA Draft, and to do so, they need to acquire the third overall pick and select the highly talented Trey Burke.

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