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Milwaukee Brewers: Time to Make a Change at Closer

It is time Brewers’ fans for John Axford to be taken out of the closer role. John Axford has been the Brewers closer for two and a half season, and we have witnessed the good and bad from the “Ax Man.” Last season, Axford was dreadful, blowing nine games, which was the highest among National League closers, and was one of the main reasons why the Brewers were not playing in October.

Throughout the entire offseason, the Brewers were supporting him and made it well known that he would be the closer this season. To give the job to him without making him earn it in Spring Training, was a huge mistake, and it already has proven to cost the Brewers.
In his first appearance on Opening Day, Axford allowed a game tying home run, giving him a blown save. Last night, in a non-save situation with the Brewers trailing, Axford allowed two home runs, putting the game out of reach for the Brewers to even make a comeback. This was very frustrating because instead of trailing by only a run, the Brewers were down by three.
John Axford has never been the same since his career year in 2011, and it is time to make a change before he hurts our playoff chances for a second consecutive season. The veteran left-hander, Mike Gonzalez, needs to be given the ninth inning duties. He is an experienced veteran who has proven success in the majors, and most importantly, has been a closer before.
The Brewers need to move John Axford out of the closer role, and give the closing duties to Mike Gonzalez. John Axford has had his opportunities, and he has not taken advantage of them. This move needs to happen as soon as possible before Axford starts hurting our chances at playing in October.

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