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Don’t blame Capers for the defenses struggles

It was a disappointing season for the Green Bay Packers as they just barely made the playoffs with an 8-7-1 record, and fell in their first round matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. Although many fans might place the blame all on Dom Capers, he does not deserve all of it.

While the Packers defense ranked 25th in the NFL, allowing 372.3 yards and 26.8 points per game, the struggles of the defense go beyond coaching.

First the defense suffered an immense amount of injuries, as at times it seemed like almost every player was on the injury report at some point throughout the season. Casey Hayward, who was regarded entering the season as a top-10 cornerback in the NFL, was limited to only three games with hamstring injuries.

Clay Matthews had to also deal with injuries missing five games this season after receiving a massive contract extension to be the playmaker on defense.

Another problem the Packers’ defense had was players struggling to make plays. It was a common site to see players, especially the secondary, getting burned on a regular basis. Although Capers job is to make sure the defensive players are prepared for the game, he cannot be out their playing for them, and making sure they do everything correct.

Sure the defense struggled this season, but in five years with Capers at the helm, it has been ranked 15th in total defense in the NFL. The Packers need to add players this offseason to the defense who can make a positive contribution, but firing their defensive coordinator is not the answer.

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