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Thoughts on The Hebrew Hammer

Everyone has the right to their day in court, and is innocent until proven guilty. I have always given Ryan Braun the benefit of the doubt, and have been a big fan of his, however I am beginning to have my doubts. Here are some of the thoughts that are running through my head.

Major League Baseball has kept a close eye on Ryan Braun ever since his first positive drug test back in 2011, leading me to believe he has not taken any banned substance since, but recent news has led me to change my beliefs.

Ryan Braun had a meeting on June 29th with Major League Baseball to answer questions regarding his connection to Tony Bosch and the Miami-area clinic, Biogenesis of America, which has allegedly distributed performance-enhancing drugs to around 20 MLB players. Braun, who has denied using PEDs in the past, refused to answer any questions during the meeting, making it harder to believe that he only used Bosch as a consultant when fighting his suspension after the 2011 season.

If he was innocent he would have answered all of the questions asked to him, knowing that he was not going to get penalized because he was clean. Due to him not answering a single question, it makes him looks suspicious and guilty of using PEDs.

It is just a matter of time until MLB hands out a suspension to Braun, and when it happens it will be a dark day in baseball. After everyone thought the new drug testing was signaling an end to the steroid era, baseball will only be taking a step back.

One of the faces of baseball’s new, clean era will become just like Sosa, McGwire, and Bonds – a cheater. Ryan Braun’s legacy and reputation will be tarnished, and he will never be looked at the same way.

Once compared to Robin Yount for his great play on and off the field, along with his excellent tools to become the next face of the Brewers organization, all thrown away because he tried to get a competitive edge on the rest of MLB players.

While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, the truth of Ryan Braun will soon be released. Since Ryan Braun’s MLB debut back in 2007, I have continued to support him through all of the highs and lows of his career. No matter if he is found guilty or not of using PEDs, I will have my doubts on Braun and will never look at him the same way I did before.

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