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Picking the Home Run Derby Teams

David Wright (NL) and Robinson Cano (AL) have been chosen as captains for the Home Run Derby. This will be Cano’s second straight year as the American League captain, and David Wright’s first appearance in the Derby since 2006, when he was the runner-up. With the MLB Home Run Derby almost a month away, Cano and Wright only have a few weeks to pick their squads. If I had to make the difficult decision of picking both teams, here is whom I would select:

Team Wright:

Justin Upton – Atlanta Braves: Justin Upton got off to a hot start this season hitting 12 home runs in April, but has struggled hitting only two home runs since. Even with his recent struggles, Upton possesses some of the rawest power in the game today, which fits perfectly in the Home Run Derby. Justin Upton can hit home runs better than anyone else, and is a serious candidate for the Derby.

Evan Gattis – Atlanta Braves: Evan Gattis has burst onto the scene this year hitting 14 home runs in only 156 at-bats. He has been a great story this season, and it would only be better if he made the Derby. Gattis can put on a show and he deserves to be participating in the Home Run Derby.

Carlos Gonzalez – Colorado Rockies: Carlos Gonzalez has been on fire this season hitting 18 home runs. CarGo did not show up when he participated in the Home Run Derby last season, but he deserves a second chance. He has been a consistent home run hitter all season, and is exactly who Wright needs on his team if he wants to win.

Team Cano:

Chris Davis – Baltimore Orioles: Chris Davis is the MLB home run leader with 20 long balls this season. Every home run Davis seems to hit is always crushed, making him an ideal contestant for the Home Run Derby. This will be Cano’s easiest decision to make, and do not be surprised if Davis wins this years Derby.

Prince Fielder – Detroit Tigers: Prince Fielder is the defending Home Run Derby champion, and is only one of two players to win it twice. Even though Fielder has not demonstrated the same kind of power numbers as years past (12 HRs this season), Fielder is still one of the best power hitters in the game today. Prince Fielder always puts on a show when he participates in the Derby, making him a good choice for the Derby this year.

Adam Dunn – Chicago White Sox: Adam Dunn has been one of the best power hitters over his entire 12-year career, but for some reason he has never participated in the Home Run Derby. Dunn cannot hit for average and strikes out a ton, but he does do one thing well — hitting home runs. Adam Dunn currently has 17 home runs this year, and is on pace to hit close to 40 home runs again. Adam Dunn can hit home runs, and Cano should strongly considered selecting Dunn to be on this year’s team.

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