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Panthers make a decision on Arians

Austin Arians suffered a high ankle sprain four weeks ago, and since then Milwaukee Panthers head coach Rob Jeter has had to continually answer questions on when fans can expect to see him back on the court. On Tuesday, Jeter and Arians sat down to discuss his injury and what the plan would be for the remainder of the season.

They have come to the conclusion that the best decision for Arians and the future of the program is to have the star forward redshirt this season in order to preserve a year of eligibility, the athletic department announced on Friday.

High ankle sprains usually take anywhere from four to six weeks to heal, meaning Arians could have possibly returned in time for the highly anticipated game against the Wisconsin Badgers.

With Arians redshirting, this will allow younger players, such as Cody Wichmann and Trinson White, to get more playing time and experience this season, which will be a huge benefit for these players and the program moving forward.

Arians is an extremely exciting player to watch with his ability to spread the floor and hit NBA range three-point shots. It will obviously be somewhat disappointing for fans not to have the opportunity to see him play, but this is the best move for him and the program.

Arians will now have a year to develop, while still having two years of eligibility remaining where he can help the Panthers make a return to the NCAA Tournament.


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