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MLB Draft Mailbag: Houston lefty Seth Romero

MLB Draft Seth Romero

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I just saw Seth Romero has been suspended again. Can this issues make him ineligible for the MLB Draft?

Houston didn’t state specifically why they were suspending Seth Romero, but regardless of the reason, he is still eligible for the MLB Draft. As long as a player meets the normal eligibility rules for the MLB Draft, that player is eligible for that year’s draft.

The only way he won’t be eligible is if he refuses to take the MLB drug test that’s required for the top 200 players. He can also opt out of the draft.

Although he’s eligible for the draft, his stock will take a hit, as you can read more about below.

What is Seth Romero’s suspension going to do for his draft stock?
–Matthew D.

Houston suspended left-handed pitcher Seth Romero indefinitely on April 7. This is his second suspension in two years, as he missed two starts to begin last season for a suspension.

Romero is one of the top ranked college pitching prospects in June’s MLB Draft. In my latest mock draft, I had Romero going 11th overall to the Chicago White Sox. However, you can expect his draft stock to take a hit after receiving the suspension.

It’s hard to say how far he falls, especially without knowing why he received the suspension. But don’t expect a team to select Romero in the first half of the first-round.

Professional teams will get to know Romero prior to the draft and someone will take a chance on him. Will a team risk a first-round pick on him? That’s still unknown.

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