The 3rd Man In

Milwaukee Bucks Need to Trade the Turkish Thunder

The “Turkish Thunder,” Ersan Ilyasova, has been a solid player throughout his career with the Milwaukee Bucks, but he has never developed into the star the Bucks hoped he would, averaging 10.5 points and 6.2 rebounds per game.

His stats are excellent if he was a role player but not for a sixth man/starter making $40 million over five years. The Bucks made a huge mistake last summer signing him to this outrageous contract and it is time for them to fix it.

The Bucks do not have a need for Ilyasova with up incoming star John Henson manning the four position for the years to come. They need to trade Ilyasova and acquire players who will be financially cheaper and help them in the future.

Acquiring MarShon Brooks from the Brooklyn Nets would be the solution. He is an athletic guard, with tons of upside, but he is stuck behind six-time NBA All-Star Joe Johnson, making him a moveable player for the Nets. Brooks is a dangerous shooter from inside, but he does need to improve he shooting range and defense in order to become a well-rounded player. MarShon Brooks needs a change of scenery and Milwaukee is the best fit for him.

Trading Ersan Ilyasova might not be a popular decision, but it is a move the Bucks need to make. Ilyasova is overpaid for his limited production on the court and does not fit into the Bucks future plans, making him expendable. They need to acquire a young, dynamic scorer and MarShon Brooks is the guy who makes the most sense for the Bucks now and in the future.

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