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Fleischman to redshirt

After talking to Milwaukee Panthers freshman first baseman Blake Fleischman today, he has revealed to me that he will be redshirting for the 2014 season.

His role was still an unknown within the past week, but he said that he felt redshirting was the best decision for him. With senior Pat Wilson penciled in as the starting first basemen, he knew his at-bats would be limited, so he felt that it would be best to redshirt to preserve the year of eligibility while also being able to develop more as a player.

The Panthers leave for Bakersfield, California tomorrow morning at six o’clock, and Fleischman will still be going on the road trip. He will not though be going on every road trip this season.

Technically the redshirt status is not official till the end of the season so if something unexpected would happen, Fleischman still could play. He did seem though pretty comfortable with his decision to redshirt.

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