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Clint Coulter trying to rejuvenate career

Clint Coulter

Clint Coulter steps into the right-handed batter’s box at Sioux Falls Stadium. He awaits the first pitch of the at-bat as the sparse crowd scattered throughout the nearly 4,500-seat ballpark observes.

Coulter has grown accustomed to this routine. His first seven years of professional baseball consisted of him traveling on bus to small towns hidden throughout the United States to play in identical atmospheres. 

Eight years ago, the once promising high school catcher from Washington was a first-round pick by the Milwaukee Brewers. He never thought playing in minor-league ballparks would become a yearly tradition. He expected to soar up the minor-league ranks and be an integral part of the Brewers’ roster sooner than later.  

Coulter never would have pictured himself where he is today. After seven seasons in the Brewers’ minor-league system, Coulter is trying to rejuvenate his career in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. He could have remained in affiliate baseball but an opportunity to play consistently didn’t exist, he said.

Electing a new path was the only route Coulter believed would keep his chances alive of one day playing in the major leagues. He remains confident he can accomplish that goal but understands it’s not as easy as it once appeared.

“I want to get back to affiliate baseball at some point in my career,” Coulter said. “There are teams that like me, but they obviously like me as a minor-leaguer. I have to prove to teams that I’m ready to play in the big leagues, and get that opportunity to show them.”

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